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Brett Lemick


A proud Chicagoan, until one day The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien hit me up, prompting my move to LA. ✈️


13 years later, I'm honored to have been a core/original member of Maker Studios

(sold to Disney for $500 million) and senior executive at Vertical Networks under Elisabeth Murdoch, developing original bite-size content for Snapchat. Later, I entered the world of app development as Chief Content Officer at FlyrTV, changing the world of vertical videos, one swipe at a time.


Growing up in the YouTube community has been a wild ride. I had the unique perspective of seeing Maker Studios blossom from just 20 of us in an upstairs apartment to employing 350 people globally, amassing 10+ billion views per month.


I'm proud of my accomplishments in the media industry and am thankful to all the talented people I get to work with every day.

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