Content is king, creativity is the throne. πŸ‘‘
Gameshow Network
Casting Producer
Interview, lead, and record auditions with thousands of potential contestants — working directly with the casting director to cast the perfect personalities to appear on TV.
MrMr Media
Oversaw a full-service digital agency providing video production, programming, graphic design, and digital marketing consulting.
Snap Inc.
Manager, Talent & Content Strategy
Formed an LGBTQ+ network of leading queer voices, strategizing influencer content, social activity, and analytics. 
FlyrTV (acquired by Pond5)
Chief Content Officer
Led programming, production, and fundraising at media/tech company feat. on TechCrunch, Business Insider, and Cheddar.
Vertical Networks
VP, Programming and Development
Worked with Elisabeth Murdoch in partnership with Snapchat to create original programming, develop franchises, collaborate with creators, and oversee the production of thousands of short-form videos, with new editions published daily.
The Walt Disney Company
Maker Studios, acquired by Disney
Being a millennial and a "company man" is no easy feat, which is why I'm so proud of my 5+ years at Maker Studios. 
I've done it all, from shooting and editing to producing and development. You name it, I've done it.
  • Creative Executive / Development
    • Funded by Disney’s $20 million production budget, developed original content for top talent and launched social campaigns.
  • Director of Programming
    • Funded by Google, managed a team of 8 to create music and lifestyle content. Oversaw all phases of video production.
  • Producer
    • ​Led a team of 5 to create 100+ videos amassing 30+ million views per month. Generated programming slates, budgets, and shoots.
Game Show Network
The Newlywed Game
2009 (Casting Assistant)
Casting was one of my favorite jobs. I had the pleasure of auditioning happy newlyweds, side-by-side with the Casting Director, hand-picking future TV stars and leading them into the production process.
  • Booked/Recorded/Edited Audition Reels
  • Interviewed 1,000+ Newlyweds
Past Projects:
The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien
NBC Universal
Summer 2009 (Intern)
Despite Conan's short stint at NBC, his run was truly magical. This was the opportunity that brought me to LA.
The Jerry Springer Show
NBC Universal
Summer 2008 (Intern)
No words can describe this internship. If you want the whole story, I'll tell you in person. Every moment was gold.

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