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Content is king, creativity is the throne. 👑
Rainbow Media Co.
VP, Programming and Development
2021 - Present

With a combined following of 11.4 million on social, we are the most followed and most engaged LGBTQ+ media company in the world. Our brands populate TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat.

I create engaging short-form videos and original series which have amassed 500+ million views since I joined the team. We've worked with Netflix, Hulu, AT&T, AEG, Paramount Pictures, and a collaboration between Ben & Jerry's and Tony's Chocolonely.

In 2021, we launched @lgbtq on TikTok which accrued 28 million views

on the first 5 videos.

Brett Lemick
Gameshow Network
Casting Producer

Led and shot auditions with thousands of potential contestants. Worked alongside the casting director to hire a team of 7 and
to cast the perfect TV personalities for “
25 Words or Less” (Fox)
and “
America Says” (GSN). After completing the casting process,

I worked on set to prep contestants for their on-air appearances.

Snap Inc.
Consulting Producer
Brett Lemick
Formed an LGBTQ+ network of leading queer voices, strategizing influencer video content, social activity, and daily analytics.
FlyrTV (acquired by Pond5)
Chief Content Officer
Led programming at media/tech company featured on Tech Crunch, Business Insider, Digital Trends, and Cheddar. Collaborated with
our in-house developers to create content using our ne
xt-gen tech, producing professional social videos using mobile. Partnered with Condé Nast and Mashable by building them custom templates to
utilize our proprietary rendering engine (acquired b
y Pond 5).
On Set AT&T.jpg
Vertical Networks
VP, Programming and Development

Hired by Elisabeth Murdoch to create and launch our original Snapchat Discover channel “Brother” — a global lifestyle brand made for millennial men; this was a joint venture with Snapchat.


As one of the first 3 U.S. employees, I staffed our office by hiring

12 employees (in the first month) consisting of producers, PAs, editors, and directors/videographers. Over the course of the year we built a

25+ employee company and launched our channel, amassing

9+ million followers (currently 17.9 million).


I developed franchises, ran pitch meetings, commissioned video

series, and oversaw the production and edits of thousands of

short-form videos with new editions published daily.

Brett Lemick
The Walt Disney Company
Maker Studios — acquired by Disney
  • Executive Producer

Funded by Disney’s $20 million programming budget, produced

7 original pilots (2 greenlit) ranging from fitness and motivational to music and tech. Managed a team of producers to realize each show from pre-production and shooting to post-production and premiere.


  • Director of Programming

Led a team of 8 to create content for the music and lifestyle channel “Maker Music,” and oversaw all phases of production. Partnered with Interscope Records in creating a marketing campaign and strategic launch for’s music video “It’s My Birthday,” which garnered 150+ million views across YouTube and Vine.

  • Producer

Led a team of 5 to create 100+ videos amassing 25+ million views

per month. Generated shows and budgets while overseeing production including location scouts, shoots, edits, and channel optimization.

The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien
NBC Universal
2009, production intern
Conan O'Brien's run as a late-night host at NBC was truly magical.
This was the opportunity that brought me to LA.
The Jerry Springer Show
NBC Universal
2008, production intern
No words can describe this internship. If you want the whole story,
I'll tell you in person — every moment was gold.
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